Erica L. Robinson

Get Your Goddess Body! How to Shed 25lbs in 2 Months or Less

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Goddess Body Program

Get your Body Back - or Better! Using natural hormone rebalancing techniques, detoxification, mindset work, and more, we get you that classic feminine Venus De Milo Bod you've been craving!


ADHD Program

The How-to-Hack ADHD System to 10X Your Productivity! Increase your focus, motivation and output THIS week. 


Feminine Energy Program

Embrace your Divine Feminine Self! Learn how to balance your Masculine & Feminine (Yin & Yang) energies to support your Sexiest Self & Best-Ever Health! Being grounded into YOUR Unique Balance helps heal your hormones!



Erica is a Transformative Health Coach

Helping People integrate their Health: Mind, Body, Sex & Soul

Erica uses natural techniques including mindset work, lifestyle techniques, supplementation, nutrition, exercise and more to help people achieve their health & life goals. 

Hey ADHDer! Ready To Increase Your Focus, Motivation & Output THIS Week?


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