HCG Weight Loss Case Study

goddess body program Mar 11, 2022
HCG Weight Loss Case Study: Shedding 11.1lbs in 17 days is not uncommon with this protocol.
That is because you are relying on approximately 500-800 food calories per day, and approximately 1000-1200 calories from body fat.
This creates EXPEDITED results.
We have a special way of transitioning women into relying on this much body fat,
And a special way of transitioning them OUT and back onto food. It is very carefully done so as not to cause weight gain and to preserve how much they've shed.
At no point is the woman consuming LESS than say 2000 calories, it's just that we alter the SOURCE. So when she transitions back to mostly food for calories, she doesn't PUT ON weight, unlike other programs.
In fact we have a signature way of ensuring she stays within 2lbs of her loss, for as long as possible (only thrown off by things like pregnancy, serious stress / serious life changes, surgery, etc).
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