Two Year Anniversary with Tom!

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2021

Two Straight Years with This Man!



Tom and I dated before but on this go around marks our two year anniversary Sept 27th, 2019... We had a coffee date at Lakeshore Coffee, then wandered Burlington Beach in the dark of the New Moon. I told him he just *had* to come back in two weeks to see it all lit up by the Full Moon!


And the rest as they say, is History. (Mæve was made on that full moon!)


There’s no one I’d rather be with, or choose, again and again.


We somehow find a way to fit years inside of hours, and so much life into our days. We find a way to have 90-minute conversations in the parking lot of Fortino's, and just enjoy every moment spent together (ideally when a toddler isn't kicking us in the face...)


We've packed a *LOT* into two years. Maybe too much. But in a certain sense I *do* feel we skipped over timelines to be together. It was like we were both headed down these separate paths to separate lives, and the...

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Is Glutamate Sensitivity Affecting Your Brain, Behaviour, Emotions + Food Choices


Is Glutamate Sensitivity Affecting Your Brain, Behaviour, Emotions + Food Choices?


Little Sweet Mævey here has had some hard times. I’ve noticed a lot of self-harm behaviour recently including punching her own head and face repeatedly at bed and nap time, and slamming her head repeatedly into us or the wall. Her Dad says he did this as a child too.


As her Dad and I both have ADHD, and potentially on the spectrum (undiagnosed but highly suspected), I also suspected she has inherited our highly sensitive brain chemistry.


‼ I started learning this has a lot to do with the neurotransmitter Glutamate. ‼


Some of us are extra sensitive to it to begin with, and furthermore, some of us have leaky guts and leaky brains which let *too much* glutamate into the brain.


Glutamate is the excitatory brain chemical that gets us too wired. Think the ‘hyperactive’ portion of ADHD.


And, I’m learning, the anger management...

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Is Your High-Jacked Brain Making The Wrong Health Choices?

adhd clean mind weight loss Sep 25, 2021

‼ Is your high-jacked brain making the wrong health choices?



I’ve long studied this phenomenon and mostly applied it to food:


We know that many processed foods are engineered for a chemical ‘bliss point,’ - ideal ratios between sugar, salt, fat and carbs, and not to mention crunch or creaminess.


Think Doritos or McCain frozen cake; Twinkie's, Nutella or soft-baked chocolate chip cookies.


When we eat these foods they actually override natural brain chemistry. To the point that we no longer follow hunger cues and eat way beyond our caloric requirement, while acquiring no vitamins or minerals in the process.


It also overrides our natural intuition for what kind of nutrients our body needs.


In this state we can’t possibly rely on our brain signals anymore to tell us what to eat - not until we clear the high-jacking. Which can sometimes be a rather painful 3-21 day road to recovery!


I teach about this in my...

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When The Rat Race Becomes Unworkable

adhd clean mind parent life Sep 23, 2021
The past few months (years?) with this Man have been quite the journey.
North American, first-world living in a rat-race, high-stress environment has been extremely hard on us both. Throw in that we are a newer relationship, he suddenly became a step-dad, then we had a daughter so have been dealing with the challenges of a new baby for the past 15 months.... throw in not just a new job but a new CAREER for the past 18 months, and it's been tough
I've watched him.....
gain 25lbs
Start smoking
Double his ADHD medication dosage
Turn to the comfort foods
Stop exercising
And more
While I've watched me... turn to my own versions of comfort foods and FAR too much caffeine, scream more than ever, cry more than ever....
As I'm telling my bestie all this she goes, "Wow, he sounds like one of your worst patients." Which it never even dawned on me. And I said, "To be honest, I'm not even mad, I'm devastated I'm watching my...
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Overcoming Self-Sabotage

It's Officially the First Day of Fall today.


Normally I enjoy this season and the change it brings. Beautiful fall colours and leaves; sweaters and yes, pumpkin spice lattes, because apparently I'm a #basicbitch like that. 


But Even PSLs will be taking a hike for me... Which I'll mention in a second.


This Fall already feels overshadowed by the results of last night's election which felt more than questionable. The Dark season is upon us - in Canada we're lucky to get 5 if hopefully 6 'light' months of the year... Followed by 6 or 7 dark months of the year. Fall and Winter, really, which is beginning now. And instead of the warmth and excitement and Magic of the season... I've been feeling a lot more darkness and dread this time around.


After all, it will be our THIRD winter facing you-know-what BS lockdowns and the like. 


But why I'm really writing this entry is because I am choosing to actively fortify myself as much as humanly possible...

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The Work of Finding One's Soulmate

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021

Going after and even GETTING the things we want often requires at least some degree of 'work.'

And work may be the wrong word. If it doesn't resonate with you, exchange it.

But what I mean by 'work' is that consistent, committed effort. It's partly about receiving but there is some degree of DOING.

I was thinking about how much 'work' it took even to Fall in love with my Soulmate Love man. I didn't *Just* receive it.

It took a LOtttttt of unsexy work.

It took a LOT of feeling confronted! A lot of journaling. A lot of talking. A lot of working through my emotions, many of which were triggered simply by intimacy and vulnerability. Learning to open up to a person and express myself.

And even the simple act of learning to DATE and to make dating fun again.

Even INSIDE of making it fun again... it still occurred as a part-time job to me! Chatting with men online... Managing all the different personality types... learning to recognize red flags quickly... learning to hone in on...

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love life sex life Aug 15, 2021

I meet so many women that don't even live in their own bodies.

They can't even have an Org**m without clitoral stimulation. They have NO idea what an internal O is, or feels like, let alone a cervical one. There's like a deadness or deadening to the tissue there. A cut-off-ness, from the very source of Life itself.

Is it any wonder fertility issues are at an all-time high? Is it any wonder why so many relationships break down?

A Man is brought home by the Aliveness of a hot-blooded, Embodied woman. Until then He is left eternally searching. Like the men I know that form conquests, having sex with in the hundreds if not thousands of women, and their shallow, unembodied vag**as. Their superficial sexuality they learned from a terrible p0rno. These men are left empty and searching, never anchored by a woman's Soul, touch, and blood.

I was not surprised my Man was leaving his marriage much for these same reasons. Nor that he was drawn to me for them, for my aliveness. And all of...

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How Sexual Acceptance Can Heal the Soul

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2021

'You Heal me by always coming back to get me... your Cat.' I said. 'But how do I heal you? Do I at least give you somewhat of the same gift?' I asked Him.

'Yeah Babe, you Heal me, really sexually, actually. For years I disowned part of myself and made that part wrong, or bad, or flawed.'

It's a similar experience to my own. You become two people. The 'you' who lives a life, runs a house, works a job, parents kids, shows up at dinner, mingles with family at BBQs.... and the 'you' in a tiny little drawer whose sexuality is suppressed into meek little spaces until it bleeds out the sides. Like a rub-and-tug parlour you go to 3x a week. Or the sex chat your wife / husband doesn't know you use. Or the dating sites they don't know you're a part of.

All because you tried to invite them into that space with you - and you got rejected. YET again.

So many of us are living these types of fragmented lives, convincing ourselves that, we can use this f****d up configuration to 'get...

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Our Healthy Life Podcast Launches Today!

podcast Aug 13, 2021

Healthy Life Podcast with Tom & Erica launches this week

This week I cover:

- Some of the core weight loss limiting beliefs that block us from losing weight or cause self sabotage EVEN WHEN we have the perfect weight loss plan

- How long it ACTUALLY takes to get rid of allergens from the system that could be causing weight blocks or wellness issues

- Why Mindset matters most, for MOST of us when it comes to shedding the weight

- The things we do that secretly lead to the attack of our thyroid gland / metabolism

- Why A thorough detox can be needed and not this 'donut a day of balance' approach if you REALLY want to shed stubborn, persistent body fat

Check it out on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts --> LINK IN BIO!

Go listen now!


#holistic #consciousness #awakening #lightworker #loveandlight #enlightenment #healer #knowthyself #spiritualawakening #vibration #mindful #ascension #indigochild #oldsoul #higherawakening...

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A Healthy Loving Relationship Might Just Heal You More Than Food!

love life Aug 12, 2021

Food. Supplements. Sunshine. Air. Movement. Sleep. Lifestyle.


So many elements can heal us, but by far one of the most healing things for me has been a committed loving relationship.


Nothing else quite 'sees you through' the healing of your own depths, the acceptance of your own Darkness quite like it.


I have what I'd call an Anxious attachment style, for no known reason that I'm aware of. My first inclination when things get tough is to Run, or kill people off - e.g. 'You're dead to me.' Whether I never see them again, or they're family I'm stuck with, I just cut them off from any intimacy with me. They get superficial me forevermore.


But Tom has slowly coaxed me out of running, and hiding. 'I'm like one of those terrible Humane Society cats you adopt and spend weeks with them under the couch. Until they finally trust you enough to come out. But then one wrong loud move and BAM! You're back to square one.'


Literally me.


'You ARE one of...

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