Day 1 of The Carnivore Diet

adhd carnivore pediatrics Aug 22, 2020

This blog update is inspired by my friend and fellow bio hacker, Nattha Ploy, whom suggested I do a bio hacking blog! The following is a post I wrote on Facebook:


So I'm doing a Thing. In typical Erica / Tim Ferriss fashion, trying an N-of-1 study on myself of course. I wish I could make a show about the things that I try and do each of them for a month, like that Morgan dude who ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days.

We'd have a blast, trust me. I would try that crazy ass fruitarian diet and eat 50lbs of bananas a day because that's how much it takes to get enough nutrients. (#Inefficiency). But anyways, I digress.

This month (hopefully) I'm trying the Carnivore Diet. I say hopefully because last time I only made it to 1 week, and I'm going to aim for 4 - 6 weeks this time to get a good true picture of it.

REAL Motivations? I have an aching (ACHING) suspicion that some type of plant matter I'm eating is contributing to my Baby Mæve's reflux / gas, and to my own...

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Homemade Breakfast Bars

Uncategorized May 15, 2020

One thing I preach to frequently is how women can balance out their Sacred Feminine & Masculine energies in order to have better health. 


Because it's not just about what you eat, or supplement, or how you move - it's about the Frequencies you're embodying, and if you're getting in your own way. 


One of the BIGGEST things I teach clients is how to create Structures that support Health. I will be offering an entire online masterclass on this soon because it is SO critical. Structures, Systems, Containers, and boundaries are your Sacred Masculine coming into effect, and by using Him, you get to protect and nourish your creative Sacred Feminine. 


Part of that, in my world, is structuring what I eat and how and when I make it. 


What I love about this bar is that it's a collaboration between my Man and I. He did all the pricing of ingredients from Costco, and I did all the MyFitnessPal calculations to figure out nutrient content. 

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