The 5-Step Strategy Our Clients Use to Shed 25lbs by Rebalancing Their Hormones & Metabolism

(Even if They’ve Tried Everything and Nothing Works!)









✔️ Why masculine approaches  like over-exercising imbalance female hormones... and the simple process we use to reclaim a high metabolism 

✔️  The REAL reason keto and intermittent fasting work so well for some women, but cause long-term weight gain for others! And how to fix it 

✔️  The secret to targeting resistant areas, even when 'spot treating' isn't possible

✔️  How our clients trim 2+ dress sizes without being stuck 'eating clean' for life; and how they access the secret metabolic on-switch that happens overnight

✔️ The Truth behind why some women can give it their ALL with exercise and nutrition and get little to no results... while other women do barely anything and look GREAT

✔️ Why the marathon method of weight loss is ineffective, and a faster approach or 'sprint' works better followed by Maintaining the body of a lifetime

✔️ AND... how our clients do ALL of this while creating a feminine figure, growing their self-confidence, and creating lasting change in their health

Erica L. Robinson - Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Erica L. Robinson is the founder of The Goddess Body technique. She's helped thousands of clients from around the world with their health goals since 2008, with a special focus on women's hormonal rebalancing and weight loss. 


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