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ADHD 5-Day Reset

The ADHD 5-Day Nutritional Reset


How To De-Inflame Your Brain in 5 Days or Less to Get Your ADHD Symptoms Under Control and Start Making Your Brain work FOR You Rather than Against You


This is the EXACT strategy I created for myself to heal and rebalance my ADHD!


Despite eating healthily for over a decade, there were some key ‘health’ foods still inflaming my particular brain.


I sat down with trusted experts, colleagues, functional Medical Doctors and Naturopaths and devised the creme-de-la-creme ADHD Nutritional Plan for myself. Within 5 days I already felt so much better, and my symptoms improved over the next few weeks and months so that I was able to come off of ALL medications and supplements.


I now Manage my ADHD with NUTRITION Alone. No meds, no sups, just these straight goods, the EXACT plan you’ll find inside this course!


You’ll Receive:

  • Complete Guide on how to undertake the 5-Day Nutritional Reset
  • Which Foods to EAT to get your ADHD Symptoms under control right away, increase energy, productivity, focus, and feel sharp AF
  • Which foods to Avoid that will trigger your symptoms like no tomorrow
  • The Science Behind what we include and what we take out
  • Understanding and planning how long to do the reset (detox) for - 5, 7, 21, 28, or 40 days - your call!
  • Weeks worth of delicious recipes and grocery shopping lists - choose your own from the recommendations!
  • OR learn how to structure your own meals
  • Complete Guide on how to put together a balanced meal for ADHD + Health
  • ALL lessons come in Video, Audio, and Written format - choose which one suits your ADHD brain best!
  • Handouts on food replacements
  • Complete handouts on foods to choose and foods to avoid - saveable PDFs to your computer or phone so you can reference them on the go
  • MY COACHING at any stage of the journey! Have a question? Need help tweaking the plan to fit your personal needs? Reach out for free coaching inside the course or via email!
  • Our Private Community! An online forum where you can ask questions and be supported by other members on the same journey as you!


You'll Also Get These Bonuses!

  • Complete Mindset training on how to make nutritional changes STICK long enough that you feel results (5 days!)
  • Strategy Guide on how to Eat when on the go, with friends, family, or at social events
  • Strategy for overcoming Common ADHD Food Addictions that mess with our brain chemicals and can sabotage our progress
  • Strategy Guide for overcoming Emotional Eating, common in ADHD, that leads to brain inflammation and weight gain, and how to always feel full & nourished with healthy foods instead!
  • Snacks and Treats lists and recipes to replace any harmful favourites, that keep you feeling happy, full, and nourished and prevent you from feeling like you’re missing out on anything
  • Trainings on what to do if you relapse or symptoms come roaring back from a food exposure
  • Mindset work to make the switch EASY to take on 


I’m SO Positive you’ll experience mind-blowing results in your ADHD symptoms simply by shifting your nutrition, that I offer a 30-Day Money-back guarantee, no questions asked. I want you to feel absolutely CONFIDENT in and EXCITED by your choice to join me!


This course is equivalent to doing a Nutritional DEEP DIVE with a professional in private practice, which usually goes for $150 - 500! I routinely shared this information over 2 - 3 visits with clients, costing them $480!


I now sell this course pre-recorded and *valued* at $147,


In fact I never sell it for less than $107 on my site.


But to reward you for TAKING ACTION in the direction of your Dreams; in the direction of making your ADHD Brain Work for YOU,


I’m offering you a One-Time Offer to get this Course for about HALF that price, at $77 today, risk-free.


If you know or highly suspect food is affecting your condition (hint hint, I basically GUARANTEE that it is!) this is ABSOLUTELY the course for you. Try it for five days. You never know, you just might change your whole life!