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Yes! Add the 5-Day Nutritional Reset for ADHD / Neurodivergents to my order for just $37! I want the EXACT steps, structure, and nutritional plan to reclaim by brain for the better! While improving focus, concentration, energy, motivation, mental clarity and emotional resilience. 

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ADHD Mindset Support

The Mindset Support Bundle to Help You Reprogram The Beliefs that Don't Serve you!

This Bundle was originally part of the Nutrition Mini Course: The ADHD 5-Day Nutrition Reset! 

It's MAIN focus is to help you overcome:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Mental Blocks

Around how you view yourself and your desire to implement positive, lasting changes in your nutrition + lifestyle. 

What you'll get:

  • 5 hours + 40 minutes worth of content - $906 value if you spent this time with me in private practice! These are the topics I regularly speak to clients about again & again


  • 21 Audios & Videos to support you - Listen with a pen and a paper to start reprogramming your conscious mind; or play it in the background of your day to start reprogramming your subconscious mind 


  • Video Topics Include:


  • How to construct an emotionally based + logically based goal - Your big WHY - that activates your brain to truly WANT to pursue it, consciously and subconsciously 


  • Your Big Why Interactive Worksheet


  • How to place your goals and desires firmly in your mind and have the future pull you through current obstacles, so that they begin to lose power


  • Understanding why our brains have been hijacked by chemicals, fake foods, TV and more and how to reclaim our brain and have it work for US


  • Assessing yourself for emotional eating, how to recognize it and how to interrupt it; how to reprogram the brain so that it fades away


  • How to recognize Food Addictions and what to do about them so that they stop messing up your nutrition goals


  • How to recognize if brain chemical imbalances are to blame for poor food choices, and exactly what action steps to take about it


  • How to recognize true hunger versus hunger fuelled by brain hijacking, emotional eating and more


  • How to speak to family, friends and colleagues about what you're up to in a way that garners their support and blocks any potential sabotage


  • How to handle restaurants + eating out 


  • Why the first 3 days of any nutritional change are the toughest and how to survive them with far less effort


  • What to do when faced with challenges nutritionally and feeling like you might cave to food that hurts you, your brain or your goals


  • How to reprogram your brain to understand the truly generous nature of eating healthy food and how it raises the vibration of yourself + everyone around you. Start to eat healthy from this GENEROUS place, realizing it's not just about YOU


  • How to commit to cooking your own food more


  • How to make healthier choices when eating on the go


  • How to outlast the Old you long enough to get to the New You


  • Overcoming the Victim Mentality of ADHD or ANY health imbalance, so that you become empowered, RECLAIM your power and are successful with your goals


  • Learn how to work with and speak to your subconscious so that it doesn't thwart, undermine or sabotage your efforts - basic human psychology! 


These are the very topics I discuss with people time and time and time again since working clinically in 2008 as a personal trainer, then nutritionist. 


It's not enough to know WHAT to do. You also need to know HOW to do it, and how to reprogram the limiting beliefs stuck in your mind that block you from success.


These topics have allowed people to shed up to 100lbs!, reclaim their brain from ADHD; adopt a nutritional plan that helped them become pregnant (hundreds of successful fertility cases) and more. 


If nutrition + lifestyle change is what you need to achieve your goals, then you will LOVE this bundle to support you in the process! Play it in the background of your life while cooking, cleaning, showering, or driving, to allow it to slowly reprogram the way you think about food, lifestyle + health. 


30-Day No Questions Asked Money-back Guarantee: I know you'll be absolutely supported and in love with these audios + videos that I want you to feel safe in making this purchase knowing there's a money back guarantee if it isn't a fit for you.