Healthy Life Podcast with Tom & Erica

Healthy Life Podcast with Tom & Erica

Hosted by: Erica L. Robinson & Tom Casey

Erica, a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and partner Tom Casey, an Electrical Engineer & Electrician, share their journeys with health, ADHD / atypical brains, weight loss and...

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Episode 3: Our ADHD Journey

In this week's episode, Tom & Erica discuss their later-in-life Diagnoses with ADHD and how it impacted them. Also of note: Signs from their childhood that they had ADHD How they each got diagnosed How diagnosis...
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Episode 2: Moving North of the City for Better Health

Tom and Erica discuss their move 4 hours North of the city to attain greater health, and the effects they've already gained in only 6 weeks.
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Episode 1: How Subconscious Beliefs Block or Sabotage Weight Loss

There are 7 key subconscious beliefs many of us unknowingly operate with that actually either block our weight loss, (and wellness goals), or straight up completely sabotage them. I see these again and again with...
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